Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California, you are My Miss America!

The debate on Miss California “giving the wrong answer” The wrong answer? What does that mean exactly the wrong answer? Does it mean that we don’t have freedom of speech here in America anymore? Or does it mean to become someone like Miss America you have to give the answer that a twisted egotistical man wants you to give? Donald Trump for being a smart and brilliant man (and I do mean that, I’m a fan of the Trumpster), you sure allowed a stupid thing to be done in the 2009 Miss America pageant. There are some homosexuals that don’t even agree w/ this Hilton guy.

Mr. Hilton you called Miss California a dumb B*#!!. How can you be upset against someone’s beliefs? Isn’t that what the homosexual community is trying to do, ban discrimination? Are you not discriminating against Miss America because of HER beliefs? I also have a problem w/homosexual marriage, but I also have a problem w/people telling lies, stealing, drug addiction, alcoholism and other things that are morally wrong. Yes it is morally wrong to have sexual encounters w/ the same sex as yourselves. I don’t hate you because you’re a liar or a homosexual or a thief, I hate the act and the way the truth gets twisted in your honor. I have friends that are homosexuals and I don’t agree w/ thier way of living, but I still care for them and hope that they have good life’s. If we don’t agree w/ same sex marriage it doesn’t mean that we hate or despise you, we despise the act and that Is okay.


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Good post.
Hate is bad. Hating people, that is.
Sometimes the most intolerant people are the ones who are always crying out for tolerance.
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