Saturday, September 13, 2008

A memory

I feel sad when I hear someone say that they are no longer Christians because of the way they were treated at a church or the way they see other "Christians" living. I remember when I first became a Christian (by God's perfect design) I went around preaching to everyone and everything. I was sooo zealous and hungry for Gods word that I couldnt get enough. I had to be either praying reading or speaking God's word at every waking moment, even sleeping I held my bible tight making sure that no one or nothing would ever take it from me. And while I testified of God's word and I would hear from people’s mouths that they used to be Christians. Then I asked them what happened and they would all have the same answer...because of the way they were treated by other Christians or because of what they saw in other Christians. I remember feeling so sad and confused about how they became the person they are at that moment and hoping and praying that the kind of hopelessness and despair they feel, I would never feel. I prayed to never become a has been or I used to. I can understand someone not going to church because of the way they were treated, but not believing in the one who saves and creator of this world. How can you not believe in this great and mighty God who has made the heavens and the earth. How can you say that you once loved Him and now you cant stand to hear His name. How sad for you that you allowed other people to take away your faith and hope and joy and love and peace and everything that a man needs to survive. I know that I am not the woman of God that I should be, but I still believe I still hope, I still pray and I still know that God is God. I made up in my mind when I first believed that no one would take away my hope in God. I like yourself have seen the hypocrisy of other “Christians” and I have seen evil show its face in the church. I have experienced being treated poorly by other Christians, not just Christians, but those who hold authority in church. I have been shunned and practically spit upon by leadership in the church, but I still believe. I still hope and pray and love God. Like Mary Magdalene who was an actual prostitute and despised by the authority’s of the so called church. But, I was not a prostitute nor did I sleep around or desire too. I figured out why that God was in control the whole time and testing me to see if I would keep his word or no. When God gives someone power like Jesus, God will always test that person. He will not allow us to become complacent or useless. Sometimes God allows other Christians to act out what is in there hearts so that we can pray for them. Not judge, because God sees in us what we sometimes cant see in our selves. He can see that selfishness that still abides in us God can see that dark places in our hearts that are hidden to even our selves. So God allows you to see something in another Christian not to discourage you or to take away power or to take away faith, but He allows us to see because He gave you the power to pray for them and love them no matter what. You can always look to Jesus if you cant find another Christian who demonstrates the power needed to be a Christian. And yes it takes power to believe and hope and pray. Prayer is powerful, don’t ever forget that the power of prayer is our shield and our connection to God. If you remember Noah and his 3 sons you will know that I am not giving you false info. After the flood Noah celebrated and feel asleep naked. One of his sons came in and told his brothers what he saw and his bothers came in and covered their father. Which is what we as Christians are supposed to do for our leadership and other bothers of the faith. If you see something wrong with your brother or a member of leadership, pray for them because they may not be aware that there is something wrong with them. Don’t ever lose faith because of what you see or experience. Because God already gave you power to believe and pray and love and hope. Be strong and courageous in the Lord and He will lift you up. And remember how you first believed, get that back if it was stollen from you. God gave it to you and He wanted you to keep it.